About Gopalan Shopping Malls in Bangalore

About us

Every day is a fun day at Gopalan Mall

Gopalan Signature Mall, Gopalan Innovation Mall, Gopalan Arcade Mall, Gopalan Grand Mall and Gopalan Promenade Mall are some of the best malls in Bangalore started by the Gopalan Enterprises Group. At these malls, you can have a great time by indulging in shopping, watching movies, bowling or biting into delicious snacks. Weekends or weekdays, special occasions or just an ordinary day, at Gopalan Malls, you can celebrate life each and every day. Step into any of the Gopalan Malls and enjoy a truly enchanting experience.

With love, from Gopalan Enterprises

Gopalan Enterprises saw its inception in the year 1984 with Mr. C. Gopalan, an architect from the renowned JJ School of Arts. He has over three decades of experience in the design and real estate industry. Gopalan Enterprises is a name synonymous with trust, excellence and customer satisfaction.
Gopalan Malls are the handiwork of the prestigious Gopalan Enterprises. The company’s businesses include residential apartments, commercial spaces, retail spaces, schools, colleges, organic farming, facility management, interior design, etc.

Brief timeline of Gopalan Enterprises

  • 1980-1984 : Mr. C. Gopalan designed and constructed individual houses
  • 1984 : Gopalan Group moved to apartment complexes
  • 1998-2001: Gopalan Group got involved in large group housings
  • 2005-2006 : Started diversifications into different verticals such as schools and organizations, malls, organic farming and commercial buildings
  • 2000 : The two sons of Mr. C. Gopalan, Mr. C. Pramod and Mr. C. Prabhakar, entered the business
  • 2010 : Gopalan Enterprises further expanded into gold loan
  • 2015 :Gopalan Enterprises further expanded into Gopalan Aerospace

The passion with which Gopalan Enterprises designs each project is effortlessly reflected in the unique architecture of each structure. Not just the magnificent architecture but the detailing involved in planning and execution is a significant highlight of Gopalan Enterprises. Additionally, Gopalan Group are pioneers in individual and community buildings. What initially began as a dream to build with the objective of developing and constructing value-added residential and commercial spaces in Bangalore has turned into a whole new sphere today.